Choir festivals: for many people choral music is a passion, which is a way of escaping their everyday duties and expressing themselves through singing.

It’s also an opportunity to meet other people who share the same interests. Festivals of choir music are an exceptional event for all choir-members and conductors who get the chance to present their skills and meet other groups.

Choral Concert - Five wells square in Zadar, Croatia - © xbrchx -

Choral Concert – Five wells square in Zadar, Croatia – © xbrchx –

Our website presents international annual choir festivals, during which members may participate in joint concerts and parades which end in obtaining a distinction. Many choral festivals have a very long tradition. They are extremely popular among choirs and the audiences applauding their performances. Due to their international character those performances are artistically versatile. There are female, male, mixed, youth, child, church and academic choirs participating in the choir festivals presented by us. All bring unforgettable experience, which often ends in finding new friends.


Choir festivals © hayo -

Choir festivals © hayo –

Those choir festivals are characterised by a unique and friendly atmosphere created by the participants themselves. It’s an opportunity to see the choirs also from outside Europe. Familiarizing yourself with other cultures facilitates cultural exchange. Choir Festivals take place in the biggest and extremely attractive cities of Europe, thus you may combine listening to good music with sightseeing. Concerts are organized in concert halls, in churches, theatres and in the open air. Undoubtedly singing and beautiful places are a perfect combination.